Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sharepoint 2010 Field Types - Elements.xml

Single Line of Text:
field id="{FDDC4E38-25E0-4FD9-92E7-D17F34A5AB12}" description="My Content ID of Item" staticname="ContentID" name="ContentID" displayname="ContentID" type="Text" group="Sample Site Columns" sourceid=""

Field ID="{13b3652a-d543-465d-91cb-a9d625637855}" StaticName="Read_Times" Name ="Read_Times" DisplayName ="Read_Times" Description="Read Time count of Item" Type="Number" Group ="Sample Site Columns" SourceID =""

Date Time:
Field ID="{d076e4d5-c785-4c04-8b56-c1f021721749}" StaticName="CreateDate" Name="CreateDate" DisplayName="Create_Date" Description="Create Date of Item" Group="Sample Site Columns" Type="DateTime" Format="DateOnly" SourceID=""

Multiple lines of text:
Field ID="{2ae59f08-0fb0-4a9c-8a31-a180161b1029}" StaticName="PublisherDescription" Name="PublisherDescription" Description="Publisher Description of Item" DisplayName="Publisher_Description" Type="Note" RichText="FALSE" NumLines="6" Group="Sample Site Columns" SourceID=""

Rich Text HTML:
Field ID="{13cd0291-df15-4278-9894-630913e4d2b9}" StaticName="AccrediterDescription" Name="AccrediterDescription" DisplayName="Accrediter_Description" Description="Accrediter Description of Item" Type="Note" NumLines="6" RichText="TRUE" RichTextMode="FullHtml" Group="Sample Site Columns" SourceID=""

Publishing HTML:
Field ID="{E2CC0231-FA6C-4F90-839C-118C304DFCF1}" StaticName="PMediaDescription" Name="PMediaDescription" DisplayName="MediaDescription" Type="HTML" RichText="TRUE" RichTextMode="ThemeHtml" Group="Site Columns" SourceID="" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary ="TRUE"

Publishing Image:
field id="{148e8191-afe7-4422-b1d1-7202eda667f1}" description="Image 1 link of Item" staticname="PImageID1" name="PImageID1" displayname="Image_ID1" type="Image" group="My Site Columns" sourceid="" richtext="TRUE" richtextmode="ThemeHtml">

HyperLink & Image:
Field ID="{635a2031-2088-4413-b54e-d2af5daf08bf}" StaticName="ImageAuthor" Name="ImageAuthor" DisplayName="Image_Author" Description="Author Image" Type="URL" Format="Image" Group="Sample Site Columns" SourceID=""

YES/No Boolean:
<Field ID="{11018312-58f9-4eb0-867d-71298f82d98d}" Name="isActive" StaticName="isActive" DisplayName="isActive" Description="Select if Item is Active" Group="Sample Site Columns" SourceID="" Type="Boolean"&gt;

<Field ID="{67f8faa4-e3ee-44bf-a3b4-6e7fc9c6b9fe}" Name="Market" StaticName="Market" DisplayName="Market" Description="Market of the Country" Group="Sample Site Columns" SourceID="" Type="Choice"&gt;

<Field Type="MultiChoice" DisplayName="Labels_Selected" FillInChoice="FALSE" Group="Sample Site Columns" ID="{2fdf0ba7-0052-4e9f-80f6-e7669ac4ae4f}" SourceID="" StaticName="LabelsSelected" Name="LabelsSelected"&gt;

Lookup Columns:
Field Type="Lookup" ID="{FE45AC76-C0E2-46C8-A047-E8C43C10315C}" Name="LU_Country" StaticName="LU_Country" DisplayName="LU_Country" Required="FALSE" List="Lists/Region Country Master" ShowField="RollOutCountry" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="FALSE" SourceID="" Group="Sample Site Columns"

Multi Lookup Columns:
Field Type="LookupMulti" Mult="TRUE" ID="{85062ACF-315B-460A-B756-2230A5FE082F}" Name="LU_Language" StaticName="LU_Language" DisplayName="LU_Language" Required="FALSE" List="Lists/Language Master" ShowField="Title" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="FALSE" SourceID="" Group="Sample Site Columns"

Lookup with Additional Field Lookup column:
Field Type="Lookup" ID="{9AA2985D-AA17-4EA2-9556-9B0E112A64F6}" Name="LU_ApplicationType" StaticName="LU_ApplicationType" DisplayName="LU_ApplicationType" Required="FALSE" List="Lists/Application Type" ShowField="ApplicationType" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="FALSE" SourceID="" Group="Sample Site Columns"

Field Type="Lookup" ID="{668D51C4-804D-43E7-8211-950AE3BCD9A3}" Name="LU_ApplicationType_ID" StaticName="LU_ApplicationType_ID" DisplayName="LU_ApplicationType_ID" List="Lists/Application Type" ShowField="ApplicationTypeID" FieldRef="9AA2985D-AA17-4EA2-9556-9B0E112A64F6" ReadOnly="TRUE" UnlimitedLengthInDocumentLibrary="FALSE" SourceID="" Group="Sample Site Columns"


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  2. How do you show a YES/No Boolean as a radio instead of a checkbox?

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  4. First of all thank you for your post is very usefull for the ones developing in sharepoint. I decide to comment to thank you and becouse i note you don t have the Summary Link declaration so i let it here for you.

    ID="{ Put a new GUID here }"
    DisplayName="My Summary Links"
    Group="my columnfields"

    Alexandre Marreiros (

  5. thank for great post, how to create a cross site lookup column

  6. The definition for Lookup with Additional Field Lookup Column does not seem to work in SharePoint 2013. Does anyone have an answer for this scenario?

    1. I found that I had to mimic the normal additional field naming pattern [initial lookup field Name:additional lookup field Name] SP follows when you add an additional field through the UI.

      Therefore, for the lookup field created in the post, the Name and StaticName for the additional field would need to be "LU_ApplicationType:ID".

  7. for : ShowField="Reference_x0020_Number"
    Make sure it is the display named of the column is encoded like this, it is not the internal name

    for List="{ebb39f29-f6ef-416b-b5ca-a3555d728ce7}", it seems to be a must that you specify the id, not the URL as some posts

  8. Lookup field needs to be updated, if you have a lookup field at sitecollection level and you need to use in a subsite you have to define WebId property.

  9. Thanks a ton it possible to People Picker field too??

  10. thx. This article is more complete than the microsoft one on msdn...

    Where is the lookupmulti ????

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